At Sizcom Apple Service Calicut, through a systematic mix of appropriate technology, parts and expertise, we look at executing repairs instantly or within the passing of the first 24 hours from when your Apple Device was initially handed over to us. This concept of quick and reliable Apple Device solutions has helped us arrive at where we stand today.

Our services are :

  • iPad touchscreen and lcd replacement.
  • iPad water damage repair.
  • iPad volume button replacement.
  • iPad vibrator replacement.
  • iPad mic replacement.
  • iPad loudspeaker replacement.
  • iPad camera replacement.
  • iPad dock connector replacement.
  • iPad battery replacement.
  • iPad back panel replacement.
  • iPad home button replacement.
  • iPad power button replacement.
  • iPad motherboard repair or replacement.
apple service kozhikode

Models Servicing

  • iPad 1
  • iPad 2
  • iPad 3
  • iPad 4
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad Air
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apple service centre iPad Battery
apple service kozhikode iPad Battery-Repair
ipad service calicut iPad Display
ipad service kozhikode iPad Front Facing Camera
ipad service centre iPad Front-Panel
ipad service centre kozhikode iPad Headphone Jack Board
ipad service centre iPad Home-Button-with-Spring
ipad service calicut iPad LCD /LED repair
ipad service centre iPad Lightning-Connector
ipad service center iPad Logic-Board
ipad service center in calicut iPad Power-Volume-Buttons
ipad service centre kozhikode iPad Adhesive-Strips
ipad service center calicut iPad Power Button
ipad service kozhikode iPad Rear Facing Camera
ipad service kozhikode iPad Rotation Lock Mute Switch
ipad service center kozhikode iPad SIM Board
apple service kozhikode Sim card slot
ipad service centre kozhikode Ipad Speaker Repair
ipad service kozhikode iPad WiFi-Antena
apple service calicut Wi-Fi-Antenna