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Sizcom Apple service store provides best and finest Apple Service and Support center in Calicut for all Apple products such as iPhone, MacBook, iMac and iPad. Sizcom Apple Repair store Kozhikode is one of the top Apple iPhone service centre in Calicut. Our Expert technicians are highly experienced and qualified in Apple iPhone and Macbook servicing in Kozhikode. We are expert in iPhone and MacBook repairing in all models of genuine spare parts with warranty. Sizcom Apple repair center kozhikode are experts in iPhone and MacBook service and support in Calicut. We Sizcom Apple service store Sizcom Apple Service store Calicut always give support and care to your devices. If you have any problem with your MacBook or any Apple devices please contact us as Apple Expert are the best Macbook service center in Calicut. For any issues related to Macbook, Sizcom Macbook service center calicut is the best choice. Sizcom Apple Service store Calicut are specialized in Apple iPhone servicing in Calicut and Vadakara. We undertake microphone repairs, network complaints, scratches/cracked displays which include screen replacement, power button and volume button repairs, back panel repairs, touchpad repairs, charging port/ headphone jack repairs, charger repairs and also other complex motherboard issues. Sizcom Apple Service store Calicut also deal with freezing/hanging iPhone, iPads, iMacs or MacBooks. Sizcom Apple Service store Kozhikode also unlock Apple devices so that you can customize and unlock hidden features of your gadgets. Fixing your Apple devices such as iPhone and MacBook are the most priority of Sizcom Apple service store in Calicut. Our Apple servicing technicians update their expertise every time there is a change on all Apple iPhones and other Apple Devices like MacBook, iPad, iMac, etc.Sizcom Apple service store Calicut have experienced professionals and technicians to handle your Apple products in Calicut. Sizcom Apple Repair store Calicut are the best Apple service center in Calicut and MacBook service center in calicut. Sizcom Apple service store Calicut is most trusted MacBook service center in calicut as well as the best iPhone service center in kozhikode. For more services contact Sizcom-Apple service store Calicut. Sizcom Apple Service store Calicut is one of the most renowned firm for servicing Laptops, Apple Products and Mobile phones.

Sizcom Apple service store- Best Apple Repair Center Calicut

Apple Service store Calicut
apple service center calicut

Best Customer Support

Our service advisors are just a call away from you with our dedicate support contact number. Get best customer care support for iPhone service, iPad service, iMac service, Macbook service calicut

iPhone Repair Center Calicut

Quality Products

We Sizcom Apple service store Calicut source the best parts available from across the world to ensure that you get the best service for Apple MacBook Repair, Apple iPhone Repair, Apple iPad Repair, Apple iMac Repair.

Apple Service Center Calicut

We're Here For You

Your experience matters to us. If you ever feel unsure, remember; Apple Expert is Here to Help!.

Apple Repair Calicut
Apple Service Kozhikode

Trained Technicians

We Sizcom Apple Service store Calicut run background checks & deliver hands-on training with the best case practices. Just for you.

iPhone Service Calicut

Best Service Quarenteed

Your iPhone is under safe hands. All engineers at Sizcom Apple service store are well experienced, certified and well trained to handle any kind of iPhone repair, iPad repair, iMac repair and MacBook repair service.

Macbook Service Calicut

Warranty on Repairs

We Sizcom Apple Service store in calicut are supremely confident of all our repairs and provide Warranty on all iPhone repairs we do.

Our Services

apple service calicut

Apple iPhone Repairs

iPhone Battery Repair & iPhone Battery Replacement

iPhone Water Damage Repair

iPhone Screen Repair & iPhone Screen Replacement

iPhone Headphone, Mike & iPhone Speaker Repair

iPhone Camera & Power Button Repair

Apple iPhone Volume Button Repair & Replacement

Apple iPhone LCD Screen Repair & Replacement

iPad Service Center Calicut

Apple iPad Repairs

Apple iPad Battery Repair & iPad Battery Replacement

Apple iPad Screen Repair & iPad Screen Replacement

Apple iPad Front Camera Repair & Back Camera Repair

Apple iPad Speaker Repair & iPad Headphone Repair

Apple iPad Water Damage & Volume Button Repair

Apple iPad Power Button & Mic Repair

Apple iPad LCD Repair & iPad LCD Replacement

Apple Macbook Service Center Calicut

Macbook Repairs

MacBook Screen Repair & Screen Replacement

MacBook Keyboard Repair and Keyboard Replacement

MacBook Battery Repair and Battery Replacement

MacBook Water Damage Repair

MacBook Camera Repair

MacBook LCD Repair & MacBook LCD Replacement

MacBook Keys Repair & MacBook Key Replacement

Macbook Repair Center Kozhikode

Macbook Pro Repairs

MacBook Pro Screen Repair and Replacement

MacBook Pro Keyboard/Keys Repair and Replacement

MacBook Pro Water Damage Repair

MacBook Pro LCD Repair & Replacement

MacBook Pro Bottom Case Replacement

MacBook Pro Back Case Replacement

MacBook Pro Camera Repair & Replacement

iMac Service Center Kozhikode

iMac Repairs

iMac Screen Repair & Screen Replacement

iMac Battery Repair & Battery Replacement

iMac Heat Up Issues Repair

iMac Power Supply Repair

iMac Logic Board Component Level Repair

iMac HDD Replacement & Data Recovery

iMac Software Upgradation

Mac Mini Service Center Calicut

Mac Mini Repairs

Mac Mini Freezing, Crashing, Blue Screen Coming On

Mac Mini Video Output is Weak or Dark

Mac Mini Wireless Connection Limitaion

Mac Mini Screen Replacement

Mac Mini Won't Boot Up

Mac Mini Logic Board Repair

Mac Mini Over Heating Problems

iPhone Common Issiues

A cell phone will never be flawless, no matter how beautifully planned or meticulously constructed. Because Apple is the most valuable firm in the world, it is not immune to some of the most prevalent iPhone difficulties. iPhone service Calicut has the solution for all the issues. iPhone update issues are a common concern for iPhone owners. If this occurs to you, you must conduct a hard reset. Some iPhone owners may discover that their battery is depleting faster than normal. One cause of a quick battery drain might be an app left open in the background, causing the battery to degrade. Many OLED screens suffer from burn-in. This burn-in is also true for the iPhone. If you see a static, ghost-like picture on your screen, such as an app symbol that appears to be burnt into the screen, this is because your phone's display has been kept on for a prolonged amount of time. Numerous workarounds are available if you are having charging issues, such as your iPhone not charging or charging slowly. The first step is to ensure the charging issues aren't caused by the charger or charging ports. Check whether your charger is compatible with other Apple devices, or try a different charger for your iPhone. iPhone repair Kozhikode is equipped for all the issues.

iPhone Service Center calicut

iPhone Screen Repair

Sizcom Apple Service Calicut is a reputable iPhone mobile screen repair service that provides same-day iPhone screen repair. Our technicians are equipped to identify and repair all of these issues, whether your iPhone has a broken screen or requires an iPhone mobile display replacement. Our repair personnel are highly qualified, and all of the components we use are of the greatest quality.

iPhone Service Center calicut

iPhone Battery Repair

For years, we have provided iPhone battery service Calicut, providing quality repairs at an affordable price. Our engineers are highly skilled and competent in their work. We diagnose all devices that come to our store with charging difficulties in order to give an iPhone mobile phone battery replacement Kozhikode. We are not surprised by iPhones, and you can leave your phone in our capable hands knowing that everything will be correctly resolved for you using expert tools and approved components.

iPhone Series

We Are Dealing With

MacBook Common Issiues

Is your Mac not turning on? What about liquid damage? Problems with the keyboard? Many Apple Macs are repaired at the MacBook Service Centre Kozhikode, including the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro Retina. MacBook repair Kozhikode has extensive expertise restoring water-damaged Mac computers. To properly diagnose and repair a logic board, we may execute logic board repairs such as fuse, chip, and connection replacements. Most repairs are dispatched within a week; however, we will notify you if this is not the case. We are the top MacBook service and repair company in Calicut, and we take pleasure in communicating with our clients and keeping them updated on the status of their repairs.

iPhone Service Center calicut

MacBook Screen Replacement

Our professionals at MacBook screen repair can completely enable a MacBook screen replacement in Calicut. We can even replace your MacBook screen while you wait. Once our experienced Mac engineers with years of experience have determined the problem and can perform the MacBook screen replacement in Kozhikode, you may go about your day with as little downtime on your MacBook as possible. You can relax knowing that your MacBook is in capable hands.

iPhone Service Center calicut

MacBook Battery Replacement

If your MacBook battery is depleting faster than usual and no longer holds a charge, it may be time for the MacBook battery replacement. We provide a battery health check prior to a MacBook battery replacement in Calicut at the MacBook battery servicing Calicut. Our skilled experts can replace a MacBook battery in Kozhikode that is constructed to the precise specs of the original.

iPhone Service Center calicut

MacBook Keyboard Repair

If you're having problems with certain keys or your entire MacBook keyboard, MacBook keyboard service Calicut is here, and don't run out and get a new one. We at MacBook keyboard repair Calicut only utilise parts that meet or exceed Apple's standards. So, when you get a new keyboard from MacBook keyboard repair Kozhikode, you can be confident that you're getting a genuine Apple keyboard that will keep up with you no matter how many hours you spend typing.


We Are Dealing With

apple repair calicut

Water Damage Repair

apple service center kozhikode

Volume Button Repair

apple service center calicut

Board Repair

apple repair center kozhikode

Charging port repair

apple repair center in calicut

Sensor cable repair

apple repair center in kozhikode

Lightening connector

iphone service center calicut

Camera Replacement

macbook repair center calicut

Battery Replacement

iphone repair center kozhikode

Mic Replacement

macbook repair center kozhikode

Panel Repair/replacement

apple iphone service kozhikode

HDD Replacement

apple macbook service kozhikode

Loudspeaker Replacement

apple repair center in kozhikode

Compatibility issues

iphone service center in kozhikode


iphone service center in kozhikode


iphone service calicut


macbook service kozhikode

OS Installation

apple service center calicut

Audio cable

Exclusive Apple Service Center Calicut

apple service calicut

Apple iPhone Screen Service Calicut

Do you have problems with your iPhone's screen? Maintain your composure and seek reliable Apple service in Calicut. We guarantee complete recovery from any type of iPhone screen problem, regardless of the make or model. Leave your iPhone in our hands, and we'll take care of the problems for you.

apple service center calicut

Apple iPhone Service Calicut

Do you need an iPhone fix? Visit the Apple service centre in Calicut for dependable assistance. We have solutions to difficulties with any iPhone, whether it is the very first or the most recent version. 'If it's an iPhone, you can count on service,' is our credo.

apple Service Center Calicut

Apple Data and Password Recovery Calicut

Have you forgotten your Apple device's password or data? We will not fail you in this situation. Simply put your trust in us, and we will quickly restore all of your important data. You can trust Apple service centre because we work hard to deliver on our commitments

apple service Center Kozhikode

Apple Battery Replacement Calicut

Now you can get rid of your Apple device's battery problems! For various makes and models of Apple products, faster and more dependable battery replacement services are available. We provide genuine replacement batteries for iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks. Don't get caught with a dead battery; we can help.

apple Service Center Kozhikode

Apple Water Damage Service Calicut

Has your Apple device come into contact with water by accident? Maintain your cool while receiving cool service from us. Such troubles would not bother you if you trust our Calicut water damage services. We repair all types of Apple gadgets that have been damaged by water. For a faster revival, contact us.

apple Service Center Calicut

Apple Mac Laptop Service Calicut

Your search for a dependable Mac laptop service has come to an end! We are a prominent Apple Mac laptop servicing provider in Calicut. We provide you with services ranging from chip-level services to all Mac laptop models. Professional experts are available to help with even the most difficult problems.

apple service calicut

Apple Laptop Repair Service Calicut

Are you frustrated with your broken Apple laptop? Just trust us, and everything will be back to normal in no time. Whatever the depth or type of damage, we will quickly provide a solution. We have excellent solutions for restoring broken computers to working order.

iPad Service Center Calicut

Freezing of Apple Apps

Apps freezing on an Apple iPhone is a major pain for the user. This problem can be caused by iOS bugs or recent updates. There are solutions to such problems, and we are here to help. Take advantage of our extensive software services for a variety of Apple devices.

Apple Macbook Service Center Calicut

Apple Touchpad Not Working Calicut

Do you have problems with your MacBook's touchpad? Why be upset when you may find better options right here in Calicut? We offer faster repair and replacement services for malfunctioning touchpads in a variety of MacBooks. Contact us for prompt help. Allow the touchpad to continue to perform flawlessly with us.

Macbook Repair Center Kozhikode

Apple iPad Service Calicut

Check out these fantastic iPad services! We have comprehensive services for iPads, whether it is an older edition or the most recent trending version. Our services vary from minor concerns like as button repairs to chip-level motherboard repairs requiring extreme precision.

iMac Service Center Kozhikode

Apple Software Upgrade Calicut

Do you need to update the software on your Apple device? Or are you having trouble updating your software? Whatever the case may be, we are here to assist you. iPhones, iPads, iMacs, and MacBooks can all benefit from software upgrades. Our services are provided by professionals. Now is the time to get a software upgrade!

Mac Mini Service Center Calicut

Apple Touchpad Not Working Calicut

Do you have problems with your MacBook's touchpad? Why be upset when you may find better options right here in Calicut ? We offer faster repair and replacement services for malfunctioning touchpads in a variety of MacBooks. Contact us for prompt help. Allow the touchpad to continue to perform flawlessly with us.


An Apple authorized service provider deal with providing in-warranty as well as out-warranty services for Apple products. As they are licensed service centers of Apple in selected cities, they are bound to maintain good customer-relations and quality services.

To know whether your Apple product is genuine, check the serial number on the surface of the device. Or, you may find the same serial number in iTunes, if your device connects to iTunes. If you have a Mac, check the serial number from the About This Mac from the Apple menu. For other devices, go to Settings, click General and select About, to see the serial number.

The spreadsheet application developed by Apple is ‘Numbers’.

Apple has not published any email address which is meant for customer service. Apple entertains all kinds of customer services only through telephone or in-person at Apple stores.

‘Numbers’ is the application in Apple that is equivalent to Microsoft Excel.

Apple’s computers, which work on the OSX operating system, come with a free and basic word processing program called ‘TextEdit’.

Apple will replace the defective batteries for free in iPhones which are under warranty. For iPhones which are out of warranty, you need to pay an amount for battery replacement.

The application in Apple which is equivalent to office suit is iWork.

If you have subscribed an AppleCare+ plan, then you will get a screen repair. This plan covers up to two incidents of accidental damages every two years.

Apple uses ‘Think Different’ as their advertising slogan.

The AppleCare+ plans provide repair or replacement service for iPhones and depending on the plan chosen, it includes up to two incidents of accidental damage, loss or theft, every two years

A cracked iPhone screen can be fixed from an Apple store or an authorized service center. If your iPhone is covered under the AppleCare+ plan, you will get a free service.

Our Speciality

Sizcom Apple Service store Calicut is one of the major apple product service and repair centres in Calicut. We carry components for the most frequent apple product repairs to guarantee that your device is serviced as soon as possible. Our courteous team will book your repair and keep you updated every step of the process, and if you need to contact us for further information, we are always at the end of the phone or can be reached during business hours. Our unwillingness to utilise lower-quality items is one of the reasons for our success. We always use the greatest quality parts to repair your phones, and as a result, we have become a market leader in mobile repairs. We are proud of our team at Sizcom Apple Service Calicut and our repair services. We have a great customer service team eager to assist you in any manner possible, ensuring that the client's demands are addressed.



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