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At “Apple Expert Apple iMac Services Calicut”, through a systematic mix of appropriate technology, parts and expertise, Apple Expert iMac repair center kozhikode look at executing repairs instantly or within the passing of the first 24 hours from when your Apple iMac device was initially handed over to us. This concept of quick and reliable Apple device solutions has helped Apple Expert iMac Service Center Calicut arrive at where Apple Expert-Apple Laptop Service stand today. Apple Expert - iMac service center Kozhikode has the professional team to fix your iMac from any known issues.


  • iMac 21.5-inch: 21.5 Inch Display, Core i5, 1TB/2TB HDD
  • iMac 21.5-inch: 21.5 Inch Display, Core i5/i7, 1TB/2TB HDD
  • iMac 27.0-inch: 27.0 Inch Display, Core i5/i7, 1TB/2TB HDD
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Free Logic Board Diagnostic

All iMacs that arrive at Apple Expert- Apple iMac service center calicut for logic board repair go through a complete diagnostic beforehand to verify that the symptom is in fact related to the logic board.

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Quality Logic Board Repairs

Bring your iMac back to proper functionality with a logic board repair from Apple Expert-Apple iMac Repairs Calicut. The logic board is the main board where most of the components on your Mac live. Apple Expert Apple iMac Repairs Kozhikode technicians use the latest tools and quality components to repair your Mac.

Tested and Certified

All logic board repairs are extensively tested and come with a 3 month warranty. Some logic board repairs may require longer testing periods to re-create original problems and certify the repair after the service is complete. Average turnaround is 3 business days after arrival at Apple Expert Apple iMac Service Center Calicut, however some repairs may take longer to complete. There is no charge for the attempt (excluding shipping costs) if your logic board cannot be repaired.

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iMac Adapter Repair Service

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iMac Screen Replacement Service

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iMac Water Damage Repair Service


Coloured lines on the display can be due to a damaged display. A display replacement may be needed depending on the case.

Yes, why not? Most of the Apple service centers provide keyboard replacement services for iMacs.

Of course, yes. Port repair and replacement services are available for all variants of iMacs

If the issue is out of your control, it is highly recommended to seek a service from a nearest Apple service center.

Blue screen issue mostly occurs due to some issues with the software.

Yes, indeed. You can make use of comprehensive services for iMacs from Apple expert Calicut.